Benchmarking is designed to be used as a tool, to measure and compare your business against the industry standard. Fill in each field and press submit to see how your business preforms.
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Due to level of expertise. Apprentice 1st year = 0.25, 2nd year = 0.5, 3rd year = 0.75, Tradesman = 1.0
Support Staffing consists of (Detailers, Estimators, Parts and Production Managers if non productive, office staff, receptionists) Tow truck drivers can be considered if they are paid through the bodyshop business?
This Financial Data should be for a recorded time period such as e.g. 1 full month, 3 full months, 6 full months, 1 financial year. 3 month period recommended for best results
If you have questions or concerns we recommend you seek advice.